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Most Expensive Cigar Info 

When it comes to products such as cigars the price can go from anyone can buy to unless your actually rich keep dreaming.Now keep in mind this rarely happens but even today after many years of allowing fine quality cigars to be sold to the general public you are still going to spend a pretty penny.So with that said we are going to take some time see what make up for the salty price tag.

The first factor will be the origin of the leaf.When it comes to growing tobacco certain areas of the planet are going to have different leafs.Some will be for the basic smokers with no real value while others will have the power to blow your mind an for those the soil needs to be beyond fertile for the leaf to properly grow.How this comes into play is cost of transportation because most of the times good cigars are from areas of non national origin.

So once the cigar has been transported an check to make sure it wont kill the consumer the end game is where is it going to be sold.Now you already know since the cigar was made of premium leafs the price is going to be high but it is the price of the dealer who is going to add pressure.When it comes to high end cigars the dealer is going to be paying massive amounts of cash just to get his hands on it so to break even with surplus he needs to add mark up.An example will be taking a 50 dollar cigar an charging 75.This allows him to buy more for later business and food.

So now that you have the factors why not go to the store an see for yourself an buy one. Read more inforation about most expensive cigar and visit us at